World Wide News Update – BMB FinTech Know developments and all information that is happening in all corners of the world today. Various media can be a means for you to get information about things that are happening all over the world. This is what is called news. You may often see news shows in various media, such as television, the internet, or reading in print media.

Unfortunately, the rapid development of information also has a negative impact because more and more World Wide News cannot be justified. As an additional science and knowledge, the following will explain the news, starting from the meaning of news to the types and purposes of making the news itself.

BMB Fin Tech – World Wide News Update

So that you can better understand what news is, let’s start with the meaning of news itself. News is information that is factual that is happening or has happened and is conveyed through media intermediaries, both electronic media and media like print. News can also be conveyed by word of mouth and must be a fact, not a fictitious composition or a made-up story.

Generally, the news conveyed must be a fact about events that have occurred or are currently happening in society. Therefore, the submission must be accompanied by the latest or most recent facts. News exists to provide information to the public about a recent incident.

In addition, the purpose of making it is also to influence society at large. Therefore, when the news is not presented based on facts, it will also affect society itself. Some experts also express their opinion about the meaning of news.

One of them, for example, is J.B. Wahyudi, who defines news as a report about an event that is interesting, has important value for the general public, is still new, and is published or broadcast through various media periodically. From the various meanings that have been previously given, it can be concluded that news is not just interesting information but must also be facts that are happening or have happened.

BMB Fin Tech – Functions and Purpose of News

1.      To Convey Information

The main function and purpose of making news are to convey information about events or events that are or have occurred. The information presented information that is important, up-to-date, interesting, and of much concern to the public. Examples are current events, accidents, politics, economics, health, socio-culture, lifestyle, and so on.

2.      Helping Communities Be Open

By the meaning of the news that was previously mentioned, that news is information that is conveyed and has important value for the community, the purpose and function of the next news are to help the community or audience to be more open.

This means that with various facts and information submitted that come from various competent sources, the community will get input from various sources. With so much information, it is hoped that the public will be able to understand every incident that is informed, both from within and outside the country, in a more open manner.

3.      Increasing Public Awareness

It is hoped that this fact-based news will increase public awareness of certain issues that are currently developing. That is, the public or society can better understand the issues being discussed, their importance, and their impact or implications for life in society. The issues in question also vary, ranging from environmental issues to health, economics, politics, and other issues.

BMB Fin Tech  – Terms of a News

1.      Based on facts

The information in the news submitted must be by the facts that happened in the field. News should not be made based on fiction or fictional stories.

2.      actual

That is, the information in the news conveyed is the latest or most recent information. This can be proven by the distance between the time the news is broadcast and the events being reported are not too different.

3.      Balanced

In news, the information conveyed must not only be factual but also balanced. Balanced means, the facts or information conveyed is actual information and does not take sides or discredit one party. That way people who read or see will not be affected.

4.      Complete

The last element that must exist in a news is complete. This means that every piece of information in the news must be presented in full, nothing is hidden or reduced. That way the public or the general public who read or listen to the news will not become confused about the information conveyed.

BMB Fin Tech – News Types

Referring to the definition of news that has been discussed previously, namely information that is interesting and based on facts, the news itself is still divided into several types. By knowing these various types of news, it is hoped that the public will be able to distinguish which news is important, which news is based on opinion, and so on. Well, here are some types of news.

1.      Straight News

The first type of news is direct news or also known as straight news. This type of news is news that is written straightforwardly and concisely. But even though it is written briefly, all the elements needed in the news must still be there. This type of news is also divided into two types, namely hard news and soft news.

Hard news is news that contains information about special events or current events, which are important and must be conveyed. The second is soft news, namely news that contains supporting information. Both of which are included in this straight news, when in a newspaper, are always on the very first page.

2.      Depth News

Depth News or in-depth news is a type of news that contains depth. In-depth news usually contains deeper reviews about certain information or events. The content in this type of news usually highlights the elements of ‘Why’ and ‘How’ events can occur. The goal, of course, is to provide clearer information and to raise deeply a particular topic or event.

3.      Investigation News

The next type of news is investigative news. This news is made based on research or deeper investigation through various competent sources. This type of news is usually made for a specific purpose, such as revealing hidden things that have not been conveyed to the public.

4.      Interpretative News

This news interpretation is the result of the development of straight news. This news includes direct news, but because it is a development, it is added with some additional information. For example, expert opinion or further research from the author. The information added must also be related to the news being conveyed, for example, the background of the incident or the opinion of an expert.

5.      Opinion News

Lastly, there is opinion-type news. As the name implies, this type of news only contains opinions about an event or thing that is happening. This opinion is given by experts, observers, and the public in general. Usually, this news is made to support the headlines of events that are currently happening.