What if farmers made as much money as footballers?

Especially not when they keep losing. But I don’t want to be unfair. Others already knew how important the work of the farmers is. The reason is obvious: “Food comes first, then morality,” wrote the socialist playwright Bertold Brecht. In any case, the GDR took this to heart and paid its farmers quite well.
Unfortunately, that is no longer the case today – if you look at the farmers’ incomes. According to this, the farmers who work their main occupation, mostly longer than 36 hours a week, have received an average of almost 32,000 euros over the last 10 years – not earned. The average large income of Germans in 2020 was 47,700 euros.
People in the catering trade earned the least at 22,700 euros – although they (unlike the farmers) still get a little tip – tax-free. According to the Federal Statistical Office, employees in retail earn 44,820 euros a year. In this way, they easily lose the farmers.
But what do the footballers get now? Let’s unfairly start with Messi and Ronaldo. The 34-year-old Messi is currently saying to earn 71 million euros a year – a farmer could buy many tractors from that. After all, Ronaldo comes to 31 million euros. Without advertising contracts, of course.
What do soccer players get in the Bundesliga? Thomas Müller has around 15 million on the pay slip and Joshua Kimmich has 10 million. The average salary of football players in the 1st Bundesliga is estimated at around 30,000 euros per month; So that’s 360,000 euros a year. Of course, people in the second division earn less – but you don’t have to worry about that anyway.

How many people a footballer feeds – bread and circuses

But back to systemic importance. A German farmer now feeds 134 people – almost twice as many as in 1990. At least that’s what the German Farmers’ Association has calculated. Since 1960, that number has increased nearly eightfold. Hardly any other industry can show a similar boost in productivity.

What about the footballers at this point? So at least his family and certainly his player advisor will also be fed by the footballer – around 2 to 6 people. But so do most other people.

But what is the pay for a job worth that you can’t even make a living from today without subsidies? After all, the help of the agricultural income comes from payments from Brussels and does not flow into the farmers’ wallets through the sale of products. But the farmers can probably not hope for higher prices and rising incomes. Rather the opposite is the case.

In any case, the demands of politics and society are constantly increasing and with them the costs. At the current Farmers’ Day, the Chancellor described the coalition’s package of laws for more insect protection “as an acceptable compromise” – which of course the farmers have to pay for. This continues with many other requirements and regulations, such as animal welfare or fertilization. Costs go up and up – and prices and incomes stay down.

That doesn’t apply to footballers. There is even a scientific paper by Bernd Frick that says that salaries in the Bundesliga almost tripled between 1995 and 2008 – and the pace has probably not slowed down since then. Rather the opposite. So bread and circuses – but the farmers have to deliver the bread almost for free.