Ex-The Bachelor Australia star and sex-addict Belinda ‘Love’ Rygier always had sex on the brain and would be constantly hunting for her next tryst – even when stocking up at the supermarket

A recovered sex-addict who has slept with 700 men has said she would go cruise for guys at every possible opportunity, including prowling for random guys at the supermarket.

At the height of her addiction ex-The Bachelor Australia contestant Belinda ‘Love’ Rygeir, said sex was “constantly at the top” of her mind – even when she was doing her weekly shop.

She told MailOnline: “I would be grocery shopping and would think to myself, ‘Oh, I wonder if he would be interested?'”

Belinda also said her addiction strained friendships as when she was on a night out, she would ditch the girls so she could prowl for conquests.

She said: “I was never self-aware. The minute I was out, I was like, ‘Where’s a hot guy?'”

During her sex-crazed years, Belinda slept mostly with men, but also slept with women on occasion.

She thought the idea of a man up for blowing up his his marriage to be with her was “quite thrilling” and so was also the other women “a couple of times” which she now regrets.

The TV star said she wasn’t proud of this, adding: “When things are driving you so badly, you’re willing to hurt other people. That was probably my lowest point.”

However, Belinda’s absolute rock-bottom was when one of her lovers became violent with her, gave her a black eye, pushed her down the stairs and locked her in the garage so violently she thought she had broken her hand.

After the harrowing incident, Belinda began to see a therapist who helped her unpick the root of her compulsive behaviour and address the problem.

“That [incident] was my turning point. I thought, ‘I have to help myself,” Belinda said. “That’s where the journey began, and it was a very quick transformation. Once you decide [to change], it happens very quickly.

“Having a coach that called me out and held me accountable made me dig deep. I didn’t ever know I had sex addiction until I healed my trauma.

“Sex is the only addiction I fell for because it was making me feel loved. Love is really what I lacked in my life.”

Having overcome her addiction, Belinda now helps others overcome theirs through healthy relationship boot camps, where participants work at understanding their character flaws and relationship styles.

She said: “You have to heal the hurt, love yourself, understand your attachment style and love language to heal.”