OnlyFans model’s ‘trust’ in dress to contain boobs while braless stuns fans

Imogen Lucie, who sells nudes online, has become known for flaunting her curvaceous figure in summer dresses on TikTok, leaving fans gobsmacked over how much she trusts them to keep her boobs contained

An OnlyFans model has left fans gobsmacked over how much trust she places in her delicate summer dresses to keep her heavy chest contained.

Imogen Lucie, who sells nudes online, has garnered an impressive 2.1million followers on Instagram and often takes to TikTok to pose in racy “farm girl” outfits and risque bikinis for her viewers.

But in one video she posted recently, she shocked fans by going braless in an untied summer dress that only just managed to keep her boobs contained.


In the video, which has gained more than 6,600 likes, @strawberrymilkerss was seen stripping off her stockings and heels before jiggling he boobs around in her pink dress.

The clip was posted in response to a comment from a stunned fan that said: “The trust you have in your dresses.”

Other users seemed to agree with them as they took to the comments to give their opinion on her risk of exposure.

One user said: “How can they stay in?”

Another commented: “This is boob tape it has to be.”

“This is shocking… I like it,” a third added.

But regardless, her fans seemed to love it as many people have showered her with compliments to remind her how beautiful she is.

One user wrote: “You are gorgeous always remember that no matter what anybody says or thinks.”

Another added: “Absolutely stunning,” while a third commented: “Hello beautiful.”

The news comes after Imogen, who is known to be proud of her curves, admitted there was a downside to being busty.

In a recent video, while wearing a blue dress and bodice, she responded to a fan who wrote: “Don’t ask me to read anything because all of a sudden I can’t read.”

To which she said: “Why? Are you colour blind? Or is there something distracting you?”

To poke fun at the joke, Imogen gave her fans a test as she sat down in front of the camera and held up a book for a few seconds.

She closed it and asked: “What was the title of the book?”

Imogen admitted she’s drawn unwanted attention from people, including her neighbours, who apparently slide into her DMs.