David Warner is a former captain of the Australian national cricket team and an international cricketer from Australia. David, a left-handed opening batsman, is the first Australian sportsman to be selected for a national team in any form despite never having played first-class cricket in 132 years. Warner, who has played with some of Australia’s best batters, is also a real estate entrepreneur.

David Warner has a $2.3 Million Dollar house in Maroubra. In November 2016, they bought the magnificent 2 property, which has four huge bedrooms and a master bath with its own patio courtyard. There are largely formal and casual living spaces on both the lower and upper floors, as well as a basement visiting room with a galley.

In addition, he bought a $2.3 million mansion in Maroubra. It will serve as their temporary home until they build a new home at Lurline Bay, which is only 800 meters away. In 2017, the couple destroyed the old house and completed construction on a beautiful new five-storey home with a gym and pool. The structure on the $4 million worth of property was supposed to cost the couple an extra $4.2 million to construct, but it appears that the objective has already been met.

He is a well-known supercar aficionado. We take a look at the famous cricketer’s automotive portfolio. The global cricketer is the lucky recipient of a flashy orange McLaren sports automobile. This model is projected to cost around INR 3.65 crore to build the house. He is also the proud owner of a Lamborghini Huracan, which he drives his family to the shop. The typical machine is worth about INR 3.30 crore