Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa is not happy with the impact of events surrounding the Queen’s tragic death and took to Instagram to rant about traffic delaying her travels

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has expressed her anger at having to wait in traffic for 3.5 hours due to the Queen’s tragic passing.

The OnlyFans model is currently in the UK, holidaying and also making time to do some work.

Earlier this week she was spotted in Faversham, Kent – a place she dubbed a “proper British sea(mud) town”.

Before that she appeared in snaps taking in the sights of London and posing in an iconic red phone box.

Yesterday (September 15) she took to Instagram to share an update on her travels with her 27.6million followers.

It would seem the Lebanese-American isn’t too understanding of the impact of the Queen’s death and subsequent events.

Mia shared a TikTok containing a clip from one of chef Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows.

In it, the men around Bourdain cheers their glasses with one saying: “To the Queen.”

Bourdain then pulls a sharp expression and says: “No, I hate the aristocracy man.”

The TikTok was captioned: “Monarchists vs literally the rest of the world rn [right now].”

Adding her own caption on Instagram, Mia wrote: “Me right now as I sit in a car for 3.5 hours to a shoot bc [because] of traffic from the queen having died peacefully due to being as old as the Magna Carta.”

Subsequent posts on Mia’s Instagram showed busy streets and big red buses, suggesting that she had now returned to the capital following the trip to Kent.

This comes after she responded to calls of being “disrespectful” following her sultry photoshoot in a phone box.

Journalist Ash Sarkar replied to the snaps on Twitter, sharing an image of another phone box that had been draped in black, evidentially in reference to the Queen’s death.

Sarkar joked: “Actually very disrespectful to show a telephone box which isn’t in full mourning dress rn.”

To which Mia replied “I know now, tweet sent from Tower of London” – suggesting that she’d been locked away for posing with a telephone box not draped in mourning dress.