5 Free Apps to Watch Drama Seasons Online in 2022

Drama Seasons are becoming more popular since COVID-19 hit the world. Everyone started working from home and finding different means to spend time in a good way. The seasons have become popular because of the quality of the content. I’ve watched the first drama series on Netflix and knew millions of drama series are available on the internet.

Everyone knows that Netflix is a premium brand and does not provide free access to its content. I think they’ve stopped giving the trial version to new customers, or maybe they have started to provide the trial version to a specific region.

Once I used my Debit Card to access the free trial on Netflix, they charged me full money for 1 month. I then contacted the Helpline, and they told me that the trial version was unavailable in my region, so I asked them to refund my money, and I received my money back after 15 days.

Amazon Prime is another special brand for watching seasons online, but this platform is paid too. We will reveal the free products where the users can enjoy unlimited drama series streaming. These drama series are available in different languages and offer dubbing & subtitles too.

If you’re rich enough to buy the premium membership, you should go for Netflix or Amazon Prime, but if you don’t have any budget for it, you should avail yourself of free opportunities. I’m 100% sure that you will like all these products, and there is no worry about finding the platform to get them. Atoz apk will allow you to get all these products without paying dollars.

5 Free Apps to Watch Seasons Online in 2022

ShowBox App

Showbox is the most popular application for watching drama series, especially for free users. This application is more in European countries, allowing you to watch the content in HD quality, so they don’t disappoint you with the quality.

There is too much demand for this product on Google and other search engines. Millions of users try to avail the free version of it. The Showbox application provides you with a collection of drama series. There is a search filtering option too, and find the drama seasons of your taste.

Pluto TV

After Showbox, Pluto TV is the 2nd highest ranked product to get drama series online in 2022. This product provides thousands of Drama Seasons. It covers the content of almost all popular countries. The Spanish seasons attract people a lot, and this product offers Spanish content too.

The users of this application can get the Spanish content into dubbed languages. Most Spanish seasons are dubbed in English since this language is popular globally. Apart from the Drama series, this application offers to watch live TV channels and enjoy the thousands of TV channels.

Thop TV App

Thop TV is more popular for live TV channels because it offers to watch a single channel in multiple qualities. You can watch the TV channel in different quality such as 360p, 720p, and 1080p. The 4K quality is excluded in this application, but there are rare devices that support the 4K quality, so this application will perfectly work on your device; most of the devices are 1080p helped.

1080p is not a bad quality but listed in high quality of the video, but no doubt 4K has a different fanbase level. A few TV brands provide 4K but in LCD & LED devices only. Haier, Samsung, and TCL are popular TV brands offering 4K quality but only in expensive TV collections.

Dodear App

Here comes the most underrated application, and this product is available for PC versions too. You can get the PC setup file too, but I prefer it to watch on your Android device because it works perfectly well on Android devices. I want to clarify one thing when I say Android device, and it does not mean that I’m pointing out the Android phones only, but my target is Android TV too.

The Dodear app is very difficult to find because the official version is available on rare sites, but I downloaded it from the official website, so I have a source to get the official version. This product offers to watch the Movies & Seasons free of cost.

Repelishd TV App

This application is the most popular brand for watching the seasons. A Spanish developer produces Repelishd App, which covers all the Spanish content, but the shortcoming is that it only provides the Spanish language content. This application offers Europe-Friendly languages only.

This application has a collection of American content too, and they’re dubbed in the Spanish language. This application is designed only for Europe because the Spanish language is spoken & understand in the whole of Europe; if you belong to the same region, you can take advantage of it too.

Final Verdict

We’ve tried to list the best available apps for 2022. We did not ignore any region and provided apps friendly for all areas. I hope you will be amazed to watch the content provided on these applications, so install them on your Android device.