Top 5 Reasons to Use a Natural De-Tan Face Wash

Luminess Air Tan Remover is specially formulated to speed up the skin’s natural process of exfoliation which will remove dead cells from your face. This way we can remove that excess tan and highlight our best features.

Your facial skin also appears darker after exposure to the sun. To help absorb the UV radiation, your skin releases melanin under the skin’s surface layer. The more you expose yourselves to the UV rays from the sun or an indoor tanning device, the more melanin your body will release. That is why your facial skin also appears darker after exposure to the sun

tan removal of the face wash is the best way to get rid of tan. To protect your skin from tanning, consider proper sun protection. Always wear sun-protective clothing, and a hat, and apply sunscreen for combination skin when stepping out.

Our de-tan face wash works as a natural antioxidant and refreshes & brightens the skin. We recommend using sunscreen to protect your skin best and applying a de-tan face wash to get tan-free facial skin.

Our de-tan face wash targets di-colouration and blemishes on the skin in a gentle way, while decreasing blackheads’ appearance, dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants. Skin is left feeling incredibly clean without feeling tight or dry.

The de-tan face wash is an effective fair face wash. The Himalayan salt and natural herbs in the face wash assist in removing tan, improving skin clarity, softening your skin and making it smooth & visibly fairer.

The benefits of using De-Tan Face Wash are:

repairs damage caused by the sun improves skin clarity and is visibly fairer, removes dirt & cleanses the face, refreshes the face by removing excessive oil, lightens skin, and tightens pores.

The de-tan face wash is essential in your skincare routine. Going to the beach or pool? Wash off the excess UV rays with an antibacterial face wash with glycolic acid. Wanna kick this up a notch? Try one of our daily resurfacing exfoliators that gently remove dead skin cells, restoring radiance and glow! The best part? You can control how gentle or harsh you want it to be.

1. Exfoliation: Exfoliate your skin gently with a homemade scrub to lighten your skin tone, but it’s vital that you don’t go out in the sun immediately after exfoliation. That’s why it is recommended to use a de-tan face wash instead. Exfoliation causes the top layer of your skin to come off, which removes dead skin cells and dirt from the face. It also makes your complexion look brighter and smoother.

2. Aloe: Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it’s important to keep it healthy. Our tan removal face wash uses Aloe Vera as a potent anti-inflammatory skin soother to help with healing, itching and inflammation.

3. Turmeric – This face wash features turmeric extract to help lighten the skin. It is also paraben-free and contains salicylic acid to help unclog pores and balance sebum production.

Black tea: Black tea is a powerful antioxidant, containing plant polyphenols that fight free radicals in the skin. These plant pigments and tannins help fade your tan by creating an environment that blocks PUVA light from oxidizing melanin pigment in your skin. A small study done on guinea pigs found that black tea extract can lighten the tan on their skin, but more evaluation needs to be done on topical products or homemade brews with black tea extracts that result against human skin.

4. Bleaching agents: This de-tan facewash contains a powerful bleaching agent that will effectively remove the blemishes, tans and freckles on your face and leave you with a luminous glow. It is not meant for use on the body, so it does not have any harmful side effects.

5. Lemon juice – The skin is exposed to harmful UV rays during exposure to sunlight, which can cause tanning. Lemon juice is one of the most popularly lauded home remedies for tan removal, but always use diluted lemon juice on the skin, as concentrated lemon juice can harm the skin.

Get rid of your skin tan hassle-free by using a de-tan face wash to cleanse your face. Don’t forget to apply the moisturizing lotion after washing your face with this face wash.