Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common issue. One of the ways by which it is getting resolved these days is by a hair transplant. It can be rightly said that the hair transplantation process has helped many regain back their confidence. A head full of hair is indeed a mark of confidence as it adds to the beauty quotient of a person.

When you have decided to get your hair transplanted, the next question that pops up is about the location. Today, you will come across hair transplant treatments almost in every part of the world. However, this does not mean all the places similarly serve you. Of all places offering hair transplant services, the hair transplant packages in Turkey are said to be the best for obvious reasons.

First of all, hair transplant is affordable. Not everyone can spend a lot on a hair transplant. Generally, people always opt for services that are cost-effective yet of great quality. If you are also looking for a good quality hair transplant service at an affordable rate, the hair transplant in Turkey is apt for you. In the hair transplant packages, you will get the accommodation, transportation, and food included in it.

What to ask before a hair transplant?

Now that you have decided to get a hair transplant done, it is time to consult with the hair transplant clinics in Turkey and book an appointment. Once you have reached the hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you have some responsibilities. Of all the responsibilities, a major one is to ask the doctor certain questions to stay clear from all doubts. Given below is a series of questions that you should ask your doctor before undergoing hair transplant surgery.

  1. Is hair transplant a permanent solution?

Yes, a hair transplant gives you a permanent solution. Once the hair has been transplanted, it will grow and behave exactly like natural hair. Neither will it fall off or become thinner after transplantation. Whatever be the method of transplantation you choose FUE the permanence of hair will remain the same. In both hair transplantation methods, the doctor reaches out to the donor area to take hair grafts.

  1. Does the transplanted hair grow?

Yes, the transplanted hair grows like natural hair. But there is a twist here. Generally, the doctor takes hair follicles from the donor region. This area is also known as the reliable donor area. So, your transplanted hair will keep on growing as long as the hair that has been taken from the donor area grows. 

  1. After hair transplant surgery, do I need to take any medications for the rest of my life?

This is a good question. No, you don’t have to worry about being dependent on medicines to retain your transplanted hair. This is because transplanted hair is permanent. Therefore, you need not bother about the hair falling off or thinning. Right after the treatment, the doctor might suggest you take some medications temporarily for a speedy recovery from the transplantation.

  1. Is hair transplant a painful procedure?

Many will tell you that a hair transplant is a completely painless process. But, let’s face the truth. Since it is a surgical process, you are sure to experience some pain and discomfort. However, the doctor along with the assistant medical professionals takes care of the patients and carries on the hair transplantation process in such a way that it imparts less pain and discomfort and speedy recovery to the people. Some clinics offer the AHI method of hair transplantation. This is one of the latest and easiest processes as it allows you to get back to your normal life within three days.

  1. When can I see the final results of the hair transplantation process?

If you expect to flaunt your hair right from the next day of transplantation, then you are absolutely wrong. You need to give it at least a time of two to three months to get cured completely. Since incisions are made on the head to take out and implant the follicles, you are sure to have some minor wounds all over your head. However, with proper treatment and aftercare, you can get cured soon.

  1. Who can opt for hair transplant surgery?

Well, there is no age limit for getting your hair transplanted. However, it is better to not opt for hair transplantation before you are 18 years old. The safest would be to choose to get your hair transplanted after 22 years. To be the right candidate for undergoing hair transplantation, one has to stop smoking completely at least two weeks before the surgery. Otherwise, it can affect the results of hair transplantation.

  1. Is there any side effect of hair transplant?

Generally, hair transplantation surgery has minimal to zero side effects. If you have a genetic hair loss issue, get it resolved even before you get your hair transplanted. Otherwise, the transplanted hair will similarly experience hair loss. Further, a hair transplant leaves a negligible and temporary scar that takes eight to ten months to disappear completely.

  1. When can you do a second hair transplant if required in the future?

It is always wise to go for preventive hair transplant treatment as it helps to avoid repeated hair transplantation. It is recommended to give a gap of six months in between two sessions of hair transplantation. However, this frequency of hair transplantation depends on the donor region.

  1. Which hair is used for hair transplantation?

Generally, doctors take hair from the back of the head or the nape, and the chest and body are used. However, taking hair from the private parts of the body is not suitable as the texture of hair, color, growth rate and thickness do not match with the hair of the head.


Now that you know what to ask your doctor as soon as you enter the hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we hope all your doubts will be cleared before undergoing the transplantation process. The questions mentioned above are just a guideline and are not restricted to the ones listed here. You are free to ask other questions related to a hair transplant.