Hair transplant cost is one of the most curious questions of people who want to have a hair transplant. Continue reading the article to learn the prices of hair transplants costs. If you are suffering from hair loss, a sparse and bald scalp, you can apply to our Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic. You can ask any questions about hair, beard, or eyebrow transplantation in Turkey and in our Istanbul hair transplant clinic by calling our consultants at our Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic.

What should be done for hair loss treatment?

After hair loss, there is an opening in the middle and top of the hair in women and in the front hairline, temples, and tops in men. After hair loss, a significant sparseness or baldness occurs in the hair. This is an undesirable appearance.

Hair loss may occur due to genetic causes such as androgenetic alopecia in men and hormonal disorders, B12, and iron deficiency in women. To find a remedy for hair loss, most of us first resort to alternative medicine methods. You may have heard about your recommendations such as garlic extract shampoo is good for hair loss, no cold laser therapy is more effective, apply Minoxidil and Finasteride drugs for hair loss treatment. Yes, there are some proven drugs for hair loss. However, you need to use these drugs for at least 3-12 months to get results. In addition, when you stop the drug, your hair loss will continue again. In addition, medications have side effects such as dryness, burning, and scaling on the scalp.

What is the most effective way to get rid of hair loss and loss? When you look for answers to these questions, you can see that the most permanent method is hair transplantation. If your hair is falling out and you have baldness, baldness, and sparseness on your scalp, there is no possibility of regrowing the lost hair. Therefore, instead of trying to return the lost hair, it is only a matter of time before you apply for hair transplantation treatment performed with the latest medical technologies.

Why should you have a hair transplant?

In recent years, hair transplantation has become very popular in the world and in Turkey. According to the research, the number of people who had hair transplantation increased by 60% compared to 2014. What is the factor behind this increase? Is it that hair transplantation costs are very affordable? Is it that the hair transplant procedure is very easy? Of course not. When we look at it, hair transplant cost are quite high and although the procedure is not as complicated as a normal surgery, it is not an easy process.

The reason for the increase in the number of people who want to have hair transplantation in recent years is that it is understood that hair transplant is a reliable procedure and the procedure gives permanent and healthy results. In addition, the fact that many famous football players, actors, and singers have had hair transplants has encouraged people to have hair transplants.

The factors that make hair transplants attractive are as follows:

 •Thousands of patients suffering from hair loss have undergone hair transplantation and healthy results have been obtained,

•Permanent and long-lasting process after hair transplant,

•Since hair transplantation is performed from the person’s own hair follicles, a natural appearance is achieved,

Although hair transplantation is a costly and challenging process, the results of hair transplantation are quite successful. Hair transplant in Turkey and Istanbul has become very popular in recent years. Many people who complain of hair loss come from Europe and the Middle East to Turkey to have a hair transplant. So how are hair transplantation costs determined? What are

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey? Let’s take a look together. 

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplantation costs vary according to the differences in the application. Hair transplant prices vary according to the clinic preferred by the patient, hair follicle analysis, how many thousand grafts will be used during the procedure, and hair restoration technique. Genetically caused hair loss, especially in men, reaches the highest level in the 20-the 30s and continues until the 60s. It may become impossible for patients with hair loss to have a hair transplant at an advanced age. Patients who want to have a hair transplant should not delay this procedure due to the loss of hair follicles on the back of the head at a later age and the weakening of the donor area. 

Hair transplant cost vary according to the graft structure to be transplanted, the hair restoration method to be used, and the location of the clinic. Today, hair transplant methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) are among the frequently used methods. In our Hair Centre of Turkey hair transplant clinic, FUE Sapphire and DHI methods are used. FUE Sapphire method is the latest technology of FUE hair transplant method. In FUE Sapphire technique, a hair transplant is performed with Sapphire-tipped pens. Sapphire is one of the most durable and resistant natural stones found in nature. Sapphire-tipped pens minimize complications and scars in hair transplant procedures thanks to their soft and thin structure. In this way, patients have a more comfortable and comfortable hair transplant process.

DHI hair transplant method means that the hair taken from the donor area is transplanted without opening the canal with the help of Choi pens. In FUE hair transplant, hair grafts are transplanted by opening channels, while in DHI hair transplant, direct transplantation is performed without opening channels. Implanter pens of 1 mm or less in size, called Choi, allow transplant without opening a canal. DHI hair transplant method is used because it allows more frequent and intensive transplants.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey VS World

When it comes to health tourism, Turkey and Istanbul hair transplant centers take the leading places in the world. Many patients abroad prefer Turkey in terms of both cost and quality. You can have a comfortable hair transplant process with experienced doctors and quality clinical services. One of the most curious issues about hair transplant in Turkey is the cost of hair transplantation. Hair transplant cost vary depending on the location of the clinic, the technique preferred by the patient, and the number of grafts to be transplanted. Hair transplant cost in Turkey vary between 1500 and 2500 Euros on average. This number increases by 25% in DHI hair transplantation technique.

Among the hair transplant centres in the world, countries such as America, Canada, England, Brazil and Germany are the leading ones. FUE hair transplant prices in America vary between 7-9 thousand Euros. With additional services, this price can increase up to 12 thousand Euros.

DHI hair transplant differs by 20-25% compared to FUE. Hair transplant prices in the UK vary between 6500 and 8200 Euros. On the other hand, services such as accommodation and transport are not offered in hair transplant services in the UK. In general, these services must be covered by the patients. In Turkey and Istanbul hair transplant, accommodation and transfer services are usually included in the procedure fee.

When we look at hair transplantation costs in Germany, we see that hair transplant fees vary between 5-6 thousand Euros. In DHI hair transplant technique, the fee increases slightly. When we look at hair transplant fees in Canada, it is observed that the fees vary between 7600-9200 Euros. Hair restroration fees in Canada increase to 11 thousand Euros when DHI hair transplant is included.

Why should you have a hair transplant at Hair Center of Turkey?

In our Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic, hair restoration is performed under the supervision of experienced specialist doctors and hair transplant specialists. Hair transplant service is offered as VIP in our Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic located in one of the most vibrant and busy places in Istanbul. In our clinic, which works with a small number of patients with a high level of service quality understanding, patients are dealt with one-on-one and in detail.

In our Hair Center of Turkey clinic, our patients are hosted for 3 nights and 4 days during the procedure. The patient is picked up from the airport, placed in the hotel and transferred to the clinic by clinic vehicles. For patients staying in 5 star hotels, breakfast, spa, fitness, swimming pool and Turkish bath services are offered. In addition, PRP treatment, which contains vitamins and proteins that make the hair stronger and look better during hair transplantation, is included in the service package.

Hair Center of Turkey offers the latest generation of hair transplant techniques. These are DHI and Sapphire FUE techniques. DHI hair transplant technique and the procedures performed with Sapphire tips show the last point of hair transplant technology. With the DHI hair transplant technique, which means direct hair restoration, direct hair transplantation can be performed without the need to open a channel in the balding area.  The advantage of DHI hair transplant is that it allows hair transplant without shaving the hair. In addition, with DHI, a natural appearance is obtained by performing dense and dense hair transplant. 

In Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method, hair transplant is performed in the channels opened with sapphire-tipped pens. Sapphire is one of the durable stones found in nature. Sapphire-tipped pens offer a gentle transplant opportunity on the scalp with its soft and fine structure. Steel-tipped pens used in the past delayed the healing of scars and caused a number of complications. Sapphire-tipped pens, on the other hand, provide gentle transplants to the scalp, do not irritate the skin and minimize complications.

At Hair Center of Turkey, patients have the opportunity to experience a VIP hair transplant process with state-of-the-art hair transplant techniques and high-level service understanding. People who suffer from hair loss, sparse or bald hair can visit our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul and get information from our consultants to have healthy and lifelong permanent hair.