Day by day people’s online presence is increasing, because of the world’s digitalization. Now every sector, every office, and business are moved to the internet.

That’s why A great entrepreneur Evgeni Levin decides to launch a new marketplace And 01.09.2022 he released this marketplace. 

Isitwork was developed to assist freelancers around the globe in providing their services to companies. And for companies to receive the best services quickly and the way they order them.

Isitwork is a secure transaction between companies and freelancers. Including payments like PayPal Payoneer Credit Cards and Crypto Payments.

Why freelancers Join here?

The best option for freelancers is because the marketplace is supported all types of the online transaction. Actually, 78% of freelancers are Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Kenya, zimbabwe,  Srilanka, and the Philippines, and they are not habituated with master cards and  Paypal. But isitwork supports all types of sources.

Basically, freelancers are preferred Payoneer, and it’s available here.  And your payment is superbly secure, no worries about your payments. Buyers are ordered your work with advance payments, just finish your task properly and submit a withdrawal request.

What’s the best offer for freelancers?

Isitwork is free to use; the way isitwork is profiting for now in the beginning, it takes a commission of 3.5% from every order on isitwork. Whereas Fiverr and others are charged too much. 

Also, the more fantastic offers; isitwork referral program is so nice option for earning free 10 cents. If anyone comes with your referral links and creates a listing then instantly 10 cents will add to the referral account. 

Even you can promote your listing with affiliate links and earn a 20% commission on your first order. And you can get it 3 times, suppose your three buyers order you three works, you will get 20% commission on 3 orders.

Which types of work you will do?

You can do all types of work which are possible remotely. Also, you can offer every type of work even if the category does not exist then just inform them they will help you. all categories are given below:

  • Design & Graphics
  • Guest posting / SEO Link building
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels Booking
  • Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming
  • For Sale
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Translation
  • Social Media
  • Mobile & Apps

All common works are available here. So, if you are skilled in any one of the work, let’s join and create your listing and start earning and making your secure future. And the best thing is,  there is no requirement for previous experience. As a result, you can start using the platform without prior experience.

How will be for buyers?

There are no extra experiences to join buyers. As a buyer, you can start your work with a freelancer undoubtedly. Just join and find a freelancer according to your needs.

Even, if you can’t find a freelancer listing then just post your job with the proper description and wait. Skilled freelancer makes their offer and sends you, you just sort out the freelancer and give him your work.

User Terms and condition

Terms and condition is the most important part of the marketplace sites, very simply you can use these sites. But if the site thinks you are harmful and dishonest then they can right to ban your account forever. Be polite to each other and check here the full terms and conditions.

Refund and Return Policy 

Our refund and return policy will be activated within the last 30 days. After 30 days have passed since your purchase, the company is not liable for your return.

At least it will be eligible for a refund if your item can be unused and in the condition you received it. It must be in the original packaging.

But Not applicable to some products like any downloadable software, health, personal care, and medicine. Book or usable gadgets. software, video games, etc.