AIP- Kundli matching for marriage

Kundli Matching for marriage has been a mandatory practice for ages. Almost all our marriage/Shaadi processes right from our forefathers have been marked by the presence of this ritual. It is believed that when the astrological birth charts aka ‘Kundli’ match all the ‘Yogas’ and ‘Doshas’ it can be ensured that the bride and groom-to-be will lead a happy, fulfilling and peaceful life.

What does Kundli Matching for marriage means?

The process of Kundli Matching is the most important aspect as it involves the matching of the zodiac signs and the nature of two people. However, if there is Manglik Dosh in the Kundli, he has to deal with it and take proper action as needed. If the marriage is consummated by ignoring these defects, then according to astrological belief, there will be disagreements in the marriage. The essential thing in ‘Kundli Milan’ is that there is no ‘Manglik’ error in the caste horoscope. For this reason, if there is a flaw in the horoscope, it is considered advisable to marry a person suffering from ‘Mangal Dosh’.

To get more information about your horoscope matching, you can consult an expert astrologer to give you an accurate prediction regarding your future married life.

Astrological remedies for Manglik dosha in kundali matching for marriage?

Astrological remedies play a key role in stopping divorce and reuniting with your partner. The astrologer comes up with effective remedies to ensure a harmonious and happy married life. These remedies can help you restore the lost love and harmony in your married life. You should take the help of astrological tips to save your marriage.

Astrological solution of Kundli Matching for marriage problem?

  • Place a Tulsi plant in your home because with the help of Tulsi the relationship between the couple can be balanced.
  • Housewives should offer kumkum and turmeric along with water to the tulsi plant and do this activity regularly.
  • Offer the tulsi plant a flute that is made of silver or wood. This remedy should be done by a male member of the house.
  • Place some betel leaves or a flute in front of Lord Krishna as only he can give you a successful and happy love life.
  • Chanting “Om Namah Shivay” as this mantra will help you strengthen the affection between your partners.
  • Light a Diya/Deepak and keep it in the South West corner of your house.
  • Chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam (thousand names of Lord Vishnu) will bring good and auspicious results in married life.

Is Kundli matching for marriage necessary in love marriages?

People today don’t care much about Kundli getting married in love marriages. Kundli matching for marriage used to be done in matchmaking to find the best match for everyone. But in the case of love marriages, there are rare cases where people do Kundli matching.

Families need not check Kundli for compatibility tests but can check it for dosh purposes. If the bride or groom has any kind of dosh, then they must take some measures to cancel the effects of dosh from their married life.

But families don’t really check it for compatibility. When two people are in love, a simple Kundli match cannot find out whether they are compatible or not. So it is not necessary to compare Kundli to check compatibility.

It is quite difficult and even unfair to annul a marriage just because the Kundli did not match, even if two people love each other. Love and support will ultimately make a relationship successful.

Kundli matching can be acceptable in matchmaking to find perfect matches. But in the case of love marriages, they found the perfect ones for themselves. So Kundli can be checked for dosh but Kundli matching is not necessary for a love marriage.

Does Kundli matching for marriage give correct results?

Nowadays people are interested in understanding rituals rather than blindly following them. This makes them understand what is right and what is wrong.

Kundli matching is certainly a very powerful ritual and can be accurate. But the main point is that Kundli matching cannot ensure a happy married life. He can check compatibility but if someone’s Kundli matches it doesn’t mean he will live a happy married life.

There are many cases where even couples whose 36 out of 36 guns match are seen to suffer from problems in their married life. And some cases can show that the couple with the least number of matching guns leads a very happy married life.

Married life requires a lot of effort and the future cannot be so easily predicted with the help of a birth chart. The truth is that no one can predict the future. We can predict various possibilities, but not the exact future. Hence it is advised that following and blindly relying on anything is not right. If you believe in something, then understand the other side of it.

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