CQB calls for lightweight, quick-handling AEGs with short barrels. Think something like a “snub-nose” sporting rifle and you’re starting to get the picture.

Speed, power, and expandability are also nice, as is a platform made from high-quality, premium components, and which can be modified easily.

That’s the sort of thing you’ll get with the extremely compact and lightweight G&G ARP9, which is a very popular AEG for these very reasons (and more). Here’s what you need to know about the features favored by players.

ARP9 Specs
First, the specs:

● Weight: 5lbs, 3oz.
● Length: 20”-23.2” (depending on stock adjustment).
● Inner barrel length: 150mm
● Caliber: 6mm.
● FPS rating: 269 FPS with .32g airsoft ammo. Up to 330 FPS with lighter BBs.
● Optics/sights: Removable flip-up iron sights.
● Rail system: 5” M-LOK handguard.
● Stock: Collapsible, adjustable PDW style.
● Gearbox: full-metal, fully-upgradeable Version 2 gearbox.
● Motor: Long-type.
● Magazine: 300rd hi-cap mag; compatible with other G&G M4/M16 mags (not compatible with MP5 mags).
● Hop-up style: Rotary adjustable.
● Frame: Nylon-reinforced polymer receiver.
● Battery specs: Recommended 9.6V NiMh or 7.4V LiPo.

What Players Love About This Platform
There are a lot of different things that players really love about the G&G ARP9. These are some of the top observations.

One is the strength of the motor. It delivers seriously high torque. One user commented that it could probably “pull a truck.” That’s high praise if we do say so.

The ARP9 also comes with an integral MOSFET and an ergonomic motor grip with an enhanced trigger guard and ETU, or Enhanced Trigger Unit. The ETU improves trigger response and cyclic rate and the MOSFET helps protect the trigger contacts against the battery’s high voltage.

The result? The ARP9 has a remarkably swift, crisp, responsive trigger. Players can’t get enough of it.

Another cool thing about the integral MOSFET is that it enables the platform to offer more than just safe, semi and full-automatic firing. It is also programmable to deliver 3-round burst selective fire.

Players love the flat, competition-style trigger that is great for intense, rapid delivery of semi-automatic fire.

In addition, the hop-up system has an H-style bucking that helps prevent horizontal deviation. This results in more accurate shots that can travel greater distances. The ARP9 gets high marks for that.

Despite the fact that it has such a short barrel, there’s plenty of space for adding attachments as the ARP9 features a quad-style handguard. It that’s not enough for you, there’s a full rail section along the entire upper length of the receiver. That’s plenty of room for airsoft attachments and M-LOK accessories of all sorts.

Players also like how this platform is unique. There aren’t a lot of 9mm-inspired AEGs out there, especially models that are as compact and lightweight, and which handle as well as this one.

Another thing that players love is quite straightforward – the price. You don’t need to be a gearhead to understand how a 9mm-inspired AEG with a price point well below $300 is a steal. You can get even better deals on the ARP9 if you do your research.

Where Can You Get a Good Price on an ARP9
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