see the key here not the largest marijuana show in the world it’s NJBIZ con everybody’s here there’s growers there’s sellers they’re smokers everybody’s here but my mission today is to find those companies that are looking for ideas from you so come on let’s go [Music] [Music] hey how are you guys doing I’m Big Mike on the CEO of advanced nutrients and welcome to the next evolution in cannabis plant nutrients now listen if you have a great idea or something that you think I should be licensing they can make my products better please come find me here at the show this is MJ biscuit I’m here all day and I love talking so this brand puff dough I’ve actually known of for many many years invented several years ago and now’s the industry leader and love buds is now their distributors all right Steven key I’m here at the largest cannabis show in the world and I found this amazing inventor that’s doing some really great stuff Daniel how are you good now talk a little bit about this what is this what am I looking at here we call this the capsule basically it’s a container in which you’re able to put any kind of nutrients micro macro bacteria anything beneficial for growing their crops you can put into the caps and uniformly grow throughout some of our belly completely clean and vap packaging grant without polluting her so wait a minute wait you’re telling me there’s a seed in here that I can put it in the ground because it’s got all this great stuff in here that’s just gonna make that seed just bust out and grow bigger and stronger yes sir it’s brilliant as simple as that a capsule Apple I love it on the cover of the magazine come on this is hot enough congratulations inventors you can do it but it takes a little bit of work does it take work a whole lot work I’m Kyle see you made network with Winship trading we’re here at the NJBIZ con with our partner group humble and fume and we’re here representing some of our most popular brands we work with inventors and and brand managers that are excited about their ideas and try to bring things to market shows like this give us an opportunity to give them a format to do that and here’s one of the inventors we have with us hey everyone my name is Michael gazelle I’m the founder CEO of Eco 420 we invented an eco-friendly personal air filter that helps you smoke inside and so as we’ve been doing this invention we’ve been distributing it with humble and fume and Winship trading all across Canada in the u.s. hi stinky here I’m wrapping up today the abilities were last day of the tempest show it’s really been amazing in a basin here the attitude of all these companies are looking for inventors are looking for the next solutions to some of the pump that they’re having it’s in there so if this is an industry you’ve been a resident and you’ve got some great ideas jump in love it [Music]