Madrid dances in the Metropolitan

Rodrygo and Valverde’s goals reflect the superiority of the undefeated leader in the first half. Atlético’s energy continues until 0-1, and the last reaction ends with a red card for Hermoso

Rodrigo dance. Dance Valverde, Carvajal and Militao. And Vinicius danced. Madrid fully danced in a show of the authority, strength and maturity of the team that imposed its law on the capital. He took advantage of Atletico’s questionable moment, the slow setback for their defenders, and the confusion generated by trying to win the derby out of emotion. Football won, and Madrid at this point was one step ahead of its neighbor. He has a strong defense, a dominant midfield and a devastating supersonic attack. A tenacious leader, in LaLiga and in Europe, the nine victories before the break confirm the prestige of Ancelotti’s team. Atletico you can’t argue with their courage to fight their luck to the end. He pressed the sign and looked for the tie but lost his temper.

No, Derby was not like the others. The noise of the previous week intensified, and the usual disgusting racist chants were checked off the field. Vinicius Jr., in the midst of all the lights, jumped to warm up as part of Ancelotti’s start, there will be more. One thing is the controversy over whether his style of play could offend the contender looking for pipes and lambreta, and another thing is his characterization as a post-goal choreographer. As if no one is dancing. Come on, donkey and time. The Brazilian got a big whistle when he sang the lineup. to play. There he found Marcos Llorente in front of him, ready to face each other in a duel on horseback.

The former Real Madrid player was not the biggest surprise in Cholo’s squad, but Griezmann’s. If there was a match where he spent one of his titles, it was this derby. It wasn’t definitive, but it was one of those hinges that determine where Atlético is heading. And there’s no denying that Atletico came out on the pitch excited, fighting for every inch. Ancelotti felt it well, bringing in Kroos and Modric to set the pace for the match. It is true that the first warning came from Felipe with a comfortable header, and that Real Madrid had difficulty putting together play. When he did, it was fatal.

The slashing snatch from Valverde was enough to disintegrate Atlético. Rodrygo started inside, leaning on Chuamini, the Frenchman made the pass into space, Felipe did not reach and the Brazilian striker fell into the net. The cool, explosive Frenchman, who went to the corner to dance. Nothing and nobody will change that from the Brazilian. The objects fell and the first alarm sounded over the loudspeaker. Atlético recovered by putting pressure on their best player, Griezmann, who managed to equalize by escaping from the middle, bending over to the edge and blasting an excellent left-footed shot. Like Courtois’ hands to deflect the shot. The metropolitan, realizing what to lose without counting on the French title, rushed every day, but Madrid discovered the weakness of Rojiblanca, Felipe and Witsel appeared, a gift to Fini and Rodrygo.

With Madrid resting every minute, the sporting pressure eased, he greeted Vinicius on the left, leaned over Modric and offered him not to check that the Croatian accepted him as an invitation to the black-tie ceremony. Vini left like lightning, faced Oblak, and finished against the post, not leaving Valverde, a Charrúa hawk, prey. 0-2. A strong advantage that Madrid managed to achieve until the end of the first half, only a good incursion by Carrasco changed it. Little production for a lot of Rojiblanco waste.

There were no changes after the break, so Real Madrid extended their control of the derby. He played a lot and well because he has footballers with silk feet so they don’t lose the ball. Kroos and Modric starred at that point. He was missing a boarding school play, a shot, or an arrival that would convince Atletico there was nothing they could do. They didn’t, leaving the Atletico room for Aaron. Cholo searches for him with Cunha and Morata, and removes De Paul and the missing Joao Felix. He was not there when Atletico needed him most. Due to changes, due to inertia or urgency, the game has shifted towards the area of ​​Courtois.

Then it was the turn of the white defense who shone in the final stage. Rudiger entered to occupy Mendy’s side. Together, they managed to cancel the Red and White Incursions, despite Correa’s will. every heart. The corner that tightened the derby originated from a ball fought on Angelito’s baseline. Courtois measured poorly and Hermoso almost inadvertently scored 1-2. Ten minutes to turn the metropolitan into a crazy house. Griezmann tried to lower it, Camavinga, Ceballos and Asencio got in, and after a mistake by Carvajal, Hermoso got into the combustion. Two yellow cards in a minute and a half. There ended the illusion of Atletico, who did not give up until the last breath. Real Madrid goes through a gap in counting its victories. Undisputed leader.