If you love vaping and trying new flavors that really make your taste buds sing for joy, then you need to check out Cyclone Pods if you haven’t yet.

Cyclone Pods produces a wide range of vapes with no nicotine, including nicotine-free watermelon disposable vapes that will make you rethink every conviction you have on flavor, vaping, and nicotine in general.

Why Vape with No Nicotine: Flavor
First of all, there’s a pragmatic reason that Cyclone Pods disposable Gust device (which is available in a wide range of flavors, including watermelon) does not contain nicotine. It’s flavor.

See, most vape juices contain several different things, and only one of them is nicotine. Generally, they all contain varying levels of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). These are the thick liquids that are used to carry flavors and which vaporize when heated.

Free base liquids also contain flavoring agents, either natural or synthetic, along with a number of additives. Many contain diacetyl or vitamin E acetate, which are now considered harmful.

Cyclone Pod’s no-nicotine vape juices contain none of those harmful ingredients. They contain only PG, VG, and natural and artificial flavors. There’s also no nicotine.

That lack of nicotine means something important: more space. The less volume is devoted to nicotine (in the case of Cyclone Pods liquids, none) the more space there is in the blend for natural and artificial flavors.

That is, Cyclone Pods e-liquids are bursting with flavor. If you’re looking for a nicotine-free watermelon disposable vape that really hits, Cyclone Pods has the answer.

Why Vape with No Nicotine: Everything Else
Of course, there are other, even better reasons to forgo the nicotine in a vape liquid that has nothing to do with flavor. Nicotine-free vape juices are considered better for your overall health.

Nicotine is implicated in a wide range of health conditions. It is addictive, raises blood pressure, and can cause or aggravate a number of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders. It may also accelerate cell division and cause genetic mutations and is considered a carcinogen.

Whether you’re getting started vaping or you’ve been vaping for a long time and are simply looking to make the switch, going the no-nicotine route is probably in your best interest – plus, you’ll enjoy more powerful flavors as well.

Love Fruity Flavors? They Have More Where That Came from
Cyclone Pods does not only offer nicotine-free watermelon disposable vapes. Their Gust disposables are also available in a rainbow of other flavors, including but not limited to:

● Mango
● Melon
● Raspberry
● Strawberry
● Guava
● Banana

They are also available in a wide range of other popular (although less fruity) flavors, including vanilla, tobacco, mint, coffee, cucumber, and many other interesting and unique blends.

Learn More at Cyclone Pods
Ready to learn more about a nicotine-free vape device and nicotine-free e-liquids that deliver potent, powerful flavors? Visit Cyclone Pods today at CyclonePods.com to see what they have in stock and take your vaping experience to the next level.

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