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When your phone malfunctions, it can be upsetting since our smartphones have evolved into valuable little personal devices capable of performing various functions such as work and enjoyment. Don’t panic if your phone freezes and stops responding while you’re using it. As you will read in this blog, you will see there are a few basic procedures recommended by specialists from Steubenville’s cell phone repair experts for reviving a frozen smartphone.  Try these techniques to get your phone operating again!

How to Restore a Frozen Cell Phone: Tips from Steubenville’s Cell Phone Repair Experts

Start it Again

If your phone jams or becomes unresponsive, the first step is to reboot it. Background activities frequently cause cell phones to freeze. In some situations, your smartphone could be unable to handle the activities at hand, resulting in an unresponsive touch. Rebooting your phone should be beneficial in this scenario.

You can, however, remove the battery from your smartphone if it has one.

If you have an iPhone, hold the Power and Volume buttons at the same time until you see the logo.

Restarting your device should restore normal functioning.

Consider Trying Safe Mode

If restarting the device does not work, reboot into safe mode to diagnose and fix software issues. It’s easy to enter, and it can be done whether or not the touchscreen is responsive. (Please remember that the wording of some instructions may differ between manufacturers.) Some manufacturers might refer to safe mode as “recovery mode.”

If the screen is responsive, press and press the power button till the power options show, then press “Power Off” till the “Relaunch to safe mode” option appears. When you tap it, your phone is turned into safe mode and restarts.

Empty Storage

Lack of storage space is among the major causes of a stuck and sluggish mobile phone. Your phone requires storage space to store OS and application files.

You must have at least 500MB to 1Gb of internal storage to keep your device functioning normally. If your smartphone previously alerted you about low storage, but you decided to neglect it, the effects are undoubtedly being felt now. However, you can revive your smartphone by clearing up some storage space.

First, analyze how much memory remains. Then, delete any useless files, applications, or other files to free up space.

  • Here’s how it’s done:
  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down.
  • Choose Internal Space.

If the available space is less than 1GB, click the “Available” tab and delete any useless files.

OS Updates

To avoid repeated problems, it’s also important to keep your OS updated. In addition to adding new features, system upgrades remove software bugs and enhance the performance and security of your phone.

Running out-of-date software can cause compatibility issues with new applications. On the contrary, the latest update could solve the problems that caused your smartphone to freeze.

Here’s how to upgrade the operating system on a frozen mobile phone:

  • Open your device’s Settings app.
  • Tap after scrolling to the bottom.
  • Select “Check for Updates.”
  • Install any available updates.

According to Steubenville’s cell phone repair professionals, one of the most common causes of a frozen phone is the use of needless background apps. It is recommended that you turn them off.

Disable Background Apps

Because of the number of background applications and processes, a low-cost phone may freeze. Simply closing those apps, on the other hand, can recover your phone’s functioning.

Most smartphones require that you close all applications from the “recent” menu. If this is not the case, you may need to access the device’s settings. Let’s have a look at how:

  • Go to your phone’s Recent Apps tab.
  • Close all recently used applications by clicking the Close icon. You can also remove each application one by one.

Take your Smartphone to a Cell Phone Repair Store in Steubenville

If your phone is still sluggish after completing these steps, it could be due to a major hardware issue. Take your phone to a renowned cell phone repair store in Steubenville.

Do you live in Steubenville? Don’t be worried! Steubenville is home to cell phone repair businesses. Cell It Here, for example, is one of many reputable cell phone repair stores in the area. Their professional technicians ensure that all of your technical issues are fixed as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a cell phone’s screen to become unresponsive?

Some of the causes are given below.

  • Malware.
  • Damage caused by water or impact.
  • Dust and debris.
  • Glitches in the app.
  • An error in the operating system.

What exactly is Ghost touch?

Ghost touches are one of the most aggravating touch issues on Android smartphones. Essentially, the touchscreen responds to touches that you do not make. It reacts to non-existent inputs. The same can also describe areas that do not respond to inputs.