Make sure to provide a safe area, like a carrier, and place it in a location that’s quiet and out of the way. Store gasoline out of children’s reach and away from anything flammable. From Elmo to Tommy Pickles to Arthur Reed, how well do you know the most popular TV shows of children’s past? Timon and Pumbaa are two characters from the animated movie, “The Lion King.” The inseparable meerkat and warthog pair are known for their fun-loving and go-with-the-flow attitude as well as for singing the song, “Hakuna Matata. Accidents can occur when fingers or a hand get too close to the blade or are pulled into the blade when cutting a piece of wood. When a piece of ice or snow is jammed inside the snow blower, the operator may reach into the blower to dislodge the clog. Trying to cut a piece of wood that is too small for the tool is another situation that can cause injury.

Your cat can give you high fives with a little practice every day, a lot of praise and a little incentive (and when we say incentive, what we really mean is treats or small bites of her favorite food). You can feed your cat on a flexible schedule, but food should not be left out all day, as this can lead to overeating. She gets a face full of it when Dorothy attempts to put out a fire the Witch started on the Scarecrow. Sulley’s full legal name is James P. Sullivan, though nobody knows what the P stands for. A laceration is a jagged wound or cut, whereas an amputation is a full removal of a body part. Any amputation can affect mobility, movement and dexterity. This false sense of security can lead to an underestimation of the risk of injury. Riding lawnmowers can pose a particular risk to young children or pets if the operator doesn’t see them and accidentally reverses or drives over them. For example, when a tool is malfunctioning, an operator may try to do a quick fix on the equipment, yet these fixes can have dire consequences. The lawnmower and the snow blower are routinely used to handle outdoor projects, which can make them seem deceivingly safe.

As the kids are set to graduate, a gas leak forces everyone to evacuate for safety. Only fill the gas tank when the tool’s engine has had time to cool. Make sure your gas containers have child-resistant caps. Dr. Alfred Sacchetti, Chief of Emergency Services at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, N.J., and spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians estimates that weekend warriors make up about 70 percent of the power tool-related injuries he sees in the emergency room. Like humans, even the most healthy pet needs wellness checkups, vaccinations, and other routine services that help improve their quality of life. Dr. Sacchetti, Chief of Emergency Services at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, N.J. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Center for Disease Control, from 2001-2005, an average of approximately 37,000 patients were treated for nail-gun injuries at U.S. Yet, tools — and power tools in particular — can dogs take hydrocodone also cause injuries. Lawnmowers can also catch items from the ground and shoot them across the yard, injuring a person. Gasoline is frequently used for tools such as lawnmowers or leaf blowers. Don’t wear jewelry when operating power tools.

Not only can power tools be dangerous, but the substances that make them go can also have severe consequences if handled improperly. Wearing rings around moving parts can lead to injuries that necessitate whole finger amputations. These injuries include both professionals and amateurs. Many common power tool injuries fall under the category of lacerations and amputations. In some systems the wire has two signals running through it — one at low power and one at a higher power. First, we’ll look at lacerations and amputations, one of the most severe injury categories. One of the most common is the saw. The most common form of eye injury associated with power tools comes from shavings of wood or metal flying into the eye when working on a project. Never use power tools when in a hurry, with little sleep or after you have been drinking; these can all impair your ability to work safely. Bystanders can be hit by projectiles while a lawnmower is in use. It’s important to remember that accidents don’t only happen to the operators of these tools; bystanders should also take precautions. Keep all bystanders at a distance.