Crypto betting sites have been around long enough for there to be many legitimate options. With so many legitimate sites, there are no excuses for you to keep using shady options. The question is: how do you spot the best Bitcoin punting sites?

The best crypto gambling sites typically have a couple of things in common. You can always look out for those things to find the best ones. However, how do you even look out for them if you don’t know what they are?

This article will explain some easy ways to spot the best Bitcoin-gambling  sites. When you know the factors that make one, you can quickly evaluate the existing options yourself.

What is a Crypto gambling  Site?

Online casinos are almost as old as the internet, but crypto gambling  sites aren’t. Cryptocurrencies only came around very recently and are growing to become the de facto internet currency. When you combine online casinos and cryptocurrencies, you have Bitcoin gambling  sites.

Crypto gambling  sites are online casinos that allow you to pay and cash out winnings with cryptocurrencies, hence the name. While they’ve only been around recently, they’re quickly becoming a significant part of the online casino industry. However, the problem with Bitcoin gambling  sites is the prevalence of scams.

There are many legitimate Bitcoin casinos, but there are several scams for each legitimate one. That reality makes it imperative for bettors to learn how to filter the good from the bad. So, how do you spot the best Bitcoin gambling  sites on the vast internet?

The following section will show some of the characteristics of legitimate online Bitcoin casinos. If you can find it all on one site, you shouldn’t hesitate to create an account and make your initial deposit.

Easy Ways to Spot Best Crypto gambling  Sites

As you should expect, the internet houses a ton of Bitcoin gambling  scams you should avoid. One way to know what to avoid is by learning how to find the best Bitcoin casinos out there. With that said, here are the easiest ways to spot legitimate Bitcoin casino sites.

The website quality

 The first legitimacy test you should have every Bitcoin punting site pass is the user interface test. It’s 2022, and websites should no longer look like boring novels. If a site’s operators won’t put enough effort into making its interface usable, you should doubt its legitimacy.

In the user interface test, it’s crucial to check the different pages on the website. Every page should work, from the disclaimers to the privacy policies and even the game demos. However, you should always be aware that an adorable interface does not always make a legitimate gambling  site.

The availability of games

There’s almost no use for a Bitcoin gambling  site lacking most of your favorite games. Unfortunately, the issue is widespread, no thanks to the newness of cryptocurrency. Before depositing at any online crypto casino, it’s imperative to check their game variety.

The availability of numerous games will make using the gambling  site more fun. In addition, there’s an increased chance of winning with a better variety of games. Since the point of a Bitcoin casino is entertainment, you don’t want to get stuck playing the same game for hours.

Payment options (deposit and withdrawal)

This part is pretty simple: check and ensure they let you pay in cryptocurrencies. Most Bitcoin gambling  sites accept cryptocurrencies, making it no big deal anymore. So, the question to ask is what cryptocurrencies the online casino accepts.

While some only let you pay in Bitcoin, others accept many other cryptocurrencies. Ideally, you want to go with one that has a large selection since it usually signifies their commitment to crypto. Consider going through the terms and conditions of the site in question to see how it fares in this respect.

Another common mistake of many punters is only looking at the deposit options while ignoring the withdrawal methods. The best Bitcoin gambling  sites won’t only allow you to deposit in numerous cryptocurrencies, but they also use them to pay winnings. If you’re looking at an option that doesn’t offer that, you should keep looking.

Bonuses and offers

Deposit and welcome offers in online casinos are the norms, not exceptions. You shouldn’t be looking at what Bitcoin gambling  sites offer rewards, but you should check what kind of bonuses they offer. Always look for more than a simple welcome bonus when considering offers.

Online casinos use many other kinds of offers to retain existing players. For instance, there are deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty bonuses, reward multipliers, and no-deposit bonuses. It’s imperative to go through different Bitcoin-gambling  sites to see which has the best selection.

Customer support

Since crypto gambling  sites are all online, you should expect differences in support quality. Since you’re making a monetary commitment, you want lightning-fast support if anything goes south. Before depositing at any crypto casino, you may want to test its customer support.

One way to do that is to try the support channel by reporting a nonexistent issue with the payment. If the response doesn’t impress you, you should look for an alternative. Lastly, 24/7 availability is not negotiable for crypto gambling sites in this day and age.


Before depositing a dime on any crypto punting site, you should check for its licensing information. All legitimate casinos have a valid license from any of the gaming authorities. The license for a crypto gambling  site will depend on what part of the world it is in.

Popular gambling  licensing jurisdictions include Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao E-Gaming Licensing Authority, and Gibraltar Licensing Authority. In most cases, the license for your Bitcoin-gambling  site of choice should be any of those above. Don’t always take the online casino’s word for it; always make extra checks to verify their claims.


You can spot the best Bitcoin gambling sites by checking for factors that characterize them. There are many things to check, from licensing to game availability and customer support. If any Bitcoin casino seems to fail your test, remember there are many more out there.