Article Definition, Purpose, Characteristics, Structure, and Examples

Understanding Articles – For those of you who have the habit of reading, especially non-fiction reading songs, surely you often hear the word or term article. Articles themselves are very easy to find in everyday life, both from magazines, newspapers, and online media. Maybe you are aware or not, that right now you are reading an article.

In addition, for those of you who have worked on assignments or scientific writing projects, surely you are already used to looking for scientific articles through the Google search engine. Through Google, there are various types of articles that you can find very easily, from Google Scholar, Scopus, and so on.

However, what exactly does the article mean? This article will explain about all the ins and outs about the article. Complete with a discussion on the meaning, purpose, characteristics, structure, linguistic rules, and of course the example of the article itself.

Articles can be understood as a series or essays made based on facts and opinions to be published in the media, be it print media, online media, even now many articles are uploaded on social media. Article writing itself actually contains the aim of conveying an idea that contains data and facts. The ideas in the article can ultimately educate, entertain, and also become entertainment suggestions for readers.
In addition, topics, themes, or ideas in an article can be presented in the form of an opinion. This opinion is usually used to respond to a problem that occurs in the community as well as provide a solution to the problem. The thing that needs to be considered in writing articles is that all opinions and solutions submitted must depart from accurate facts and data, so that articles can be tested for truth.

B. Purpose of the Article
After knowing the meaning of the article, this section will explain the purpose of the article. The purpose of each writing must be different, for example, the purpose of procedure text and explanatory text. The purpose of the procedure text is to provide instructions to the reader. Meanwhile, the purpose of the explanatory text is to explain and describe something.
For the purpose of the article itself, it can be seen using 2 points of view, namely the purpose of the article writer and the purpose of the reader. The following is a limitation of the 2 purposes of the article, including:

  1. The objectives or benefits obtained by the author of the article are as follows:

a. A means of conveying ideas,
b. Means to think systematically,
c. Means of publishing the results of scientific thoughts,
d. Means to describe or discuss the subject matter that has been determined by the researcher,
e. Means to explain or discuss a problem according to a particular field of science.