Ansu Fati: Doubts and Certainties in an Endless Process

He is still not one hundred percent and lacks the necessary confidence after two years of injuries

Ansu Fati is on everyone’s lips. At Friday’s press conference, Xavi Hernandez was repeatedly asked about the reasons why the striker did not join the squad. Some of the questions that occurred moments after Luis Enrique was not called up for the next two matches of the national team while he was called up in the previous break.

few minutes

He also drew attention to the fact that in last Tuesday’s match in Munich, Xavi gave him only the last ten minutes in a match in which he needed the goal. Barcelona was losing 2-0 since the tenth minute of the second half, but the coach preferred to bring in a player like Ferran. What happens to Ansu? culé fans wonder.

They assured the club that he is in good physical condition. There is no kind of relapse in his injury as has been pointed out from various angles. Xavi repeats over and over at a press conference that he is following a plan. A slow process through which the team gets in little by little. No one will take any chances with Ansu. He is one of the club’s great assets for the future and whatever is needed will be taken care of.


However, they realize that he is still not at the level expected of him. He still lacks a point to be that great Ansu Fati who stunned everyone before that fateful injury. He didn’t have the confidence he used to. This is noticeable in training, knowing how to practice it and its standards. Sometimes it gives the feeling that he is not going with everything. But at the club they understand that this makes sense. After almost two years of not playing, it is normal that this injury has not completely removed from his head.

“We have no doubts he will be that great player again, but more time is needed,” they said from the club. There is another important factor. The other attacking players are in good shape. This means that there are no emergencies and you can move forward slowly with Ansu. In previous seasons, the entry of the striker was very necessary due to the small number of team members. not now

“It’s OK. We plan very carefully. These feelings I’ve had take a while, but we’re doing well. At San Sebastian, he’s making a difference and he’s coming. He must be an important football player for us. We have to pick up the pace, But little by little. It is a situation that is difficult to manage because he has not played for a long time and the pace and intensity require time, but also wisdom and precautions,” Xavi explained in a press conference.

Ansu expected more

With the summer coming, Ansu Fati is back in training earlier, sparing no effort to be prepared like the best, but his appearance boils down to 115 minutes in La Liga and 75 in the Champions League against Viktoria Plzen. I was expecting more and more. Although he knew it wouldn’t be easy, he hoped to find more complicity.

To this day I don’t see Ansu Fati on the list

Luis Enrique did not close the doors of the national team to Ansu, or anyone else, but he accurately determined the status of the Barcelona player. “He came in June to get into the group dynamics and he has the connection again and we really see how he was doing and the truth is he was a lot better. He only played one game for his club and that tells me something. I hope we see better Ansu again, but today I don’t see him on the list. He’s on his way to gaining confidence and improving after not playing for a long time. I hope he gets back to his best level soon, but today he isn’t around anymore, that’s why he’s not here anymore.”

Ansu Fati searches for this point in a way that he can’t seem to finish discovering it. The injuries suffered by the striker forced everyone to be careful, which sometimes contradicts the current football dynamics. Ownership and being on the field bring risks in themselves, which neither Barcelona nor the national team seem to be able to take on at the moment. Football doesn’t wait and is a real breaker, but football in particular is Ansu Fati’s main argument for his comeback. Luis Enrique is waiting for him, but the World Cup is very close, maybe very close.

This much-needed competitive degree can only be earned with minutes on the pitch, and now Barcelona can’t seem to afford the luxury of trying and trying to guarantee results. If his team’s confidence returns, he will be the young Barcelona striker in the World Cup. Otherwise, you will not be in Qatar.